The ClearStream RapidStream™ builds on proven technology to provide Chemical Mixing, Solids Contacting, Thickening, and High-rate Clarification in an economical footprint. CleasrStream’s 20+ years of experience in building all types of sedimentation equipment allows us to provide clients with custom equipment optimized for their needs.


Zone 1—Rapid Mix, Complete Coagulant dispersion ensures total charge neutralization.

Zone 2—Flocculant and Recycled Sludge are mixed with the Raw Water to begin the Solids Contact process. The draft tube and impeller draw the solids up to be thoroughly mixed. As the solids and  polymers are mixed and recirculated though this Zone, the floc is allowed to grow in size and weight.

Zone 3—After passing over an Upflow Wier, the flocculated solids settle to the Thickener portion of the unit where Pickets on the rake arm further thickens the solids. The mainstream passes through Tube Settlers which provide the High-rate Clarification.

3D Models of Every Project

ClearStream produces a 3D model of every unit which we manufacture. These models are extremely valuable to ensure proper fit up. In addition, these models can be a useful tool for operators training and understanding of the unit design and operation. ClearStream provides these 3D models as well as the means for clients to view and manipulate these models at their own site or offices. This affords operations and maintenance personnel with a unique opportunity to “inspect” the unit prior to any planned maintenance without having to drain the tank.

Have A Process Problem? Need A Solution?

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