About Clearflo Trickling Filters

  • Simple, reliable, biological process.
  • Suitable in small areas without room for land intensive
    treatment systems.
  • Effective in treating high concentrations of organics
    depending on the media type.
  • Resistant to Shock Loads and Toxins. Not a mixed
    system, toxin affects localized. Recycle averages out
    shock loads.
  • Appropriate for small to medium sized communities
  • Rapidly reduce soluble BOD5  in applied wastewater.
  • Waste sludge easy to dewater, primarily sloughed
    off bio layer.
  • Settles and dewaters better than activated sludge
  • Efficient nitrification units.
  • Durable components—Low Maintenance
  • Low Energy requirements, do not typically require

ClearStream distributors are either mechanically or hydraulicly driven.  Speed-control allows normal operational speeds ranging from 4 to 10 minutes per revolution. More importantly, the speed-control distributor allows a regular (daily or weekly) “flushing” speed that slows the distributor to more than 60 minutes per revolution. This flush of the media is required for optimum performance of the unit.

Typical Trickling Filter Flow Diagram

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