clearflo sequencing batch reactors (sbr)

About ClearFlo Sequencing Batch Reactors (SBR)

ClearFlo™ SBR systems are optimized for a wide variety of applications; from small packaged single train systems, to large Constant Level SBR systems.

State of the art SBR designs are available to meet the Nation’s toughest BNR standards.

Our proprietary operating strategy enables ClearFlo SBR systems to treat flows from zero to 350% of design flow without bypassing or permit violations.

ClearFlow Constant Level SBR Features

Unlike other continuously fed periodic processes, Constant Level SBR has perfect quiescent settling.

“Filled Decant” is “Anoxic Fill;” selectors required for denitrification, and improved settling will be intact.

No fill during “React.”  A true “React” period allows the  “feast: famine” states required for proper operation of all periodic processes

Smaller basins. Constant level allows higher acceptable MLSS concentration.

Plug flow configuration improves denitrification.  The jet motive liquid pump draws nitrified mixed liquor from the effluent end of the reactor basin and recirculates it to the anoxic zone at the influent end of the reactor.

SBNR Sequencing Biological Nutrient Removal System with Anaerobic Selector and Sludge Reduction System system components

Note: Motive liquid pump available as dry-pit (show) or submersible.
Note: Motive liquid pump available as dry-pit (show) or submersible.

ClearFlow Sequencing Batch Reactor Features


No need for six to eight feet of hydraulic drop.

Aerator submergence is always at optimum depth. Saves at least 5% on power.

Existing extended aeration activated sludge facilities can be easily retrofitted.

Constant level allows use of centrifugal blowers

Constant level eliminates the need for dedicated blowers and air delivery piping.


No influent or effluent equalization, or oversized UV or filters.

Continuous discharge is ideal for use with effluent membrane filters.

Smaller decanters are required.

No decant valves required.

At design flow rate, 10% – 20% of basin volume is discharged.  25% or more is discharged with conventional SBR.

At peak instantaneous flow of 3.5 x design total decant is 48% – 65% of basin volume.  Up to 80% of volume decanted during fill/decant with conventional SBR.

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