ClearStream can provide complete drive replacement services to ensure that the end user's plant continues to operate.

Drive Replacements

ClearStream offers complete drive replacement services for our drives and other brands. Our experience ranges from replacing various components to entire drive replacements that have met their useful service lives.

ClearStream Drives

– Heavy Duty construction
– Designed for 20+ years working life
– Precision Gear Design
– 10 Year Warranty on Main Bearing
– Cage and Shaft Drive options

Services Offered

On-site qualified inspections
Engineering support for replacing other manufacturer’s equipment.
Adaptor for quick and trouble-free drive replacement.
Short lead time and quick delivery on all parts.
Upgrade or retrofit of other manufacturer’s drive units.
Complete Turnkey Services for supply and installation.
Field support available to assist with drive installation.

The Best Drive On The Market

  • Precision main gears and bearings allow for a more robust drive unit as opposed to cast iron strip liner drives, which can have inclusions that will weaken the gearing and housing. Design life for Drives is a calculated L10 life in excess of 100 years as the standard.
  • Hydraulic torque control, measured by the reaction of the rotation of the upper gear housing, offers a more accurate measurement of torque, along with eliminating the use of worm gears or mechanical overload devices, which can both seize up over time.
  • Planetary and Helical speed reducers allow for high efficiency designs, which in turn can reduce power consumption, thus saving the plant money in electricity costs.

Have A Process Problem? Need A Solution?

Our engineers will ensure you get the support needed to solve your process problems.